A cool web site


I have been trying to figure out my BG trends so that I can try to get more balanced BG's. The current BG meter I have is a very basic one (OneTouch Ultra Mini). I love the little thing since it is so small BUT it has zero features. I am going to be getting a better meter but in the mean time I decided to look online for a site that has a good log book that I can see reports for my BG. I found a pretty decent site that even has a place to log in the basal rate for pump users, as well as several other nice features. It is a real basic site that does not have a bunch of stuff that I will never look at. I don't know about everyone else but sometimes web sites just have way too much stuff and nothing that really applies to myself.


The only complaint I have about their online log book is that when you enter in the time you only have the choice of on the hour or on the half hour. The site does allow you to go back to previous dates to enter in older information. It has a place for your BG's, food, carbohydrates, and notes. The food list allows the user to enter in you own food information as well as the choice of many fast food/restaurant chains, mostly fast food. The food list tell the user just the amount of carbohydrates for that particular food/condiment. The print out is easy and much nicer looking than my hand written log book. So far I do recommend this to anyone who hand writes their log book and has a doctor that wants to see the log. 

I just figured I would share this little bit with everyone. Does anyone else know of any other easy to use sites?