A cure

This may sound crazy but think about it you may feel the same way. I don't want the cure. Not for me at least for the newly diagnosed people who are still struggling, yes I do. But not having diabetes wouldn't be me. I have had diabetes since I 14 months old, I've never known anything other than, check your blood sugar, give insulin, absolutly do not eat that!!! And not having it would probably screw me up big time. Don't hate me for it but it just wouldn't be me.

I see what you mean.  I've only had diabetes for two years, but still that's long enough to get into that routine and not being able to snap out of it.  It'll never really be the same if there is a cure.  Of course, it'd be a HUGE relief not to have to test your blood sugar and being able to just eat without bolusing or anything, but I see what you mean.

I`ve only had it for 3 months but if there was a cure I`d get it. The thing is that every time Ieat or when I wake up in the morning I`d go Oh no! I`m missing something! And it would depend on how the cure would come.

Your the kind of person i would want the cure for , courtney, but for me and people who have had it a while i just really dont think its nessary. I mean its not like we're suffering or anything.

When I think aout it hard, I guess having it has done more good than bad because I used to be terrified of needles but now I`m not(I even did my first shot tonight with only a little help!). And it has gotten me to try to do more physical activitie even though I already do alot. It has also made me more aware of my health. And if you think about all the little things that come with what I just said I guess you could say that diabetes is a good thing.

thats how i view it i mean because of it we eat healthier, we are more aware of our bodys, it seems like we do anything! , and it makes us differant from the rest of our friends.

i would love the cure. but i would be completly weirded out with out it in my routine. but what i think is funny is when ppl say 'i hope i the first person to be cured' umm u will be if u win the world wide raffle!

i know what you mean!  i absolutely CAN'T imagine not checking my sugar or wearing a pump.  i feel like i'd be empty!  the one thing i wouldn't mind though would not to have to do set changes cuz i always forget when i have to do it and then end up changing it at 11 at night.  which isn't so great...a cure would be great but then i'd feel terrible for people with cancer and orphan diseases because i could say "I USED to have diabetes" and they would still suffer. 

I just dont know how i would even try to handle not poking my self everyday and not counting carbs, and not eating sweets, or even not running to give insulin every time I ate. It just doesnt seem right? 

I used to feel the same way.  But, for some reason, I got over that stage.  Now, I am looking forward to a cure.  Yeah, it would be a change, but I think it would be a good change.  It would take a little while to get used to not checking my blood sugar, and not having a pump on my side 24/7, but I could get used to it.  And I would still be the same person, I just wouldn't have the burden of diabetes anymore.  And it would be so great!  I get excited when I think about it!  But I do know how you feel, because I used to feel that way too.

Personally, I will take what I can get. If a cure comes up, or rather, when, I will be glad to put diabetes behind me once and for all. But in the meantime, I am content to make the best out of this opportunity and enjoy all the things diabetes has presented in my life.

Well at least you have a good way of looking at it :) but i think i'd go crazy.

I just read the original post, Rachel, which probably wasn't the best move on my part to respond before I'd read through all the other posts first :) But in regards to it not being you, I think diabetes is a big part of everybody here. I wasn't diagnosed nearly as early on as you, I was diagnosed in 2005, but I do know that all I've ever know that matters is the same as all you say you know. Quite honestley I don't remember that much from my pre-diagnosis life; and the things that I do simply seem petty to me now. I didn't know what truly was important until I was diagnosed, and while I am both grateful and enjoy every single one of the opportunities diabetes has presented in my life, I still believe that should a cure happen, I can be just as responsible and grounded as I am now. Someday, 'ex-diabetic' will be just as much a part of us as 'diabetic' is right now.
Interesting point of view though. I've had days where I share the same opinion, though. For example thinking eating without insulin would be galaxies out of my comfort zone as insulin really is all I know how to do when a plate of food is set in front of me.

Well I donto want to sound like I'm all unpleasent and stuff saying GRRRRR i dont want the cure :( . Because i do i just dont want it for me. Personally i dontn think i could handle it.

[quote user="Rachel"]

Well I donto want to sound like I'm all unpleasent and stuff saying GRRRRR i dont want the cure :( . Because i do i just dont want it for me. Personally i dontn think i could handle it.


I know what you mean, and I sort of feel the same way but the only reason I want the cure is because our chances of like getting eg. nerve damage, high cholesterol etc etc, is so much higher when we're diabetic, so it would be cool to get the cure as fast as possible because of that reason imo.


I totally understand where you are coming from, but for me I think I lean towards the other end of things. I was diagnosed in 07 when I was 15, so I have only been a diabetic for about a year and a half. To me a cure would be in a way like getting my freedom back. Traveling and taking risks are two of my favorite hobbies, and each one would be eaiser without diabetes. Don't get me wrong, I never let my diabetes stop me from something I want to do, but a cure would allow the spontaneity of my life to come back. I would never again have to worry about lugging my supplies around, or worrying about a low while out surfing. My dad is also a doctor, and having that strong medical influence in my life may have an effect on me hoping for a cure.

Diabetes is a part of me, but honestly I would like it to just be a memory... and a cure could do that.

traveling isn't that bad i have been to 11 or 12 (i think) countries and more states since i have been a diabetic but on the down side when u r in Belize and ur pump isnt working     it sucks(bad)    anyway i agree w/ most people it is annoying at times but in the long run when u have it a long time not having diabetes wouldnt be me at all 

I'd LOVE to be able to not have to poke myself all the stinkin time!!!!!!!!!!

I think i get what you mean. although there are SO many times where I just get fed up with having to live with diabetes and want it to all go away, I could not imagine not spending one day without my pump or checking my blood sugar! I'd feel like incomplete or something. I just feel like diabetes is not something I consider a bad thing, and I think i've learned a lot from the experience of having it. diabetes has made me what i am today and i wouldnt want to change that.  :]

I've had diabetes since I was 2 (I'm about to turn 18) and I know that if a cure was offered I would jump ALL over it!!!!! I know diabetes is apart of me...... but it would just be SO NICE to not have to worry about what some food is going to do to me, or have to poke myself one more time. 

I understand that others wouldn't want to change what they have.... but I would gladly!!!! Even if I had to give something else up!!!