A Death in the family effecting blood sugars

So My pony who I have had all my life passed away after a freak accident , She was more part of the family than a pet .She was also my world so obviously im very upset  and Ican't eat and i've been crying so much im running low but to top it all off I have to go to a tourment tommrow and If I can't keep my blood sugars up without playing sports how am I suppose to while playing sports?? any advice thanks so much

I'm so sorry Nikki, it's so hard to lose a family member like that. Maybe you can talk to your parents and make some short term adjustments to your carb ratios or basal to accomodate your changes in eating and activity levels?

Get lots of rest and take care of yourself.


I'm so sorry to hear about your pony.  Death is never easy, but I'm sure you have lots of great memories of her that you can hold on to.

Regarding blood sugars, could you try reducing your basal insulin?  I don't know if you are on a pump or not but you could just set a temp basal for a few hours while you compete in the tournament.  If you use Lantus or something like it maybe you could reduce your total daily dose?  You can always contact your endo or whoever you see to figure out your insulin. 

Also, be sure to try to eat proteinous and sustaining foods during the day before the tournament, and during the tournament closely monitor your blood sugar and treat it if it is dropping. 

Good luck and hope everything goes well for you tomorrow!

As a owner of horses I understand how you feel. The horses are more like my best friends then pets. Actually sometimes I would rather talk to them then people. Emotions can cause your sugars to be unpredictable. Remember to keep a close watch on yourself and to eat healthy. Lose of any kind is hard...just keep your health in the forefront and playing your sport might help to make you feel better. After the lose of one of my horses I could not look at his stall door(with his name on it) or his halter without tears...but it gets easier and  eventually the tears will be replaced by smiles everytime you think of the great memories that the  two of you have shared.

well sweetheart i do not know your age but baby stay on that insulin  i lost my 16 yr old son to diabetes he went in a coma. his name was anthony it happened on march 25 2010. if you ever need advice holla at me on facebook that his picture i have on here 

Stress does weird things to blood sugar.  At the tournament take a bunch a glucose tabs, sugary drinks, and longer acting snacks like peanut butter crackers.  Test a lot and try to run a little higher than usual so you have a cushion if your blood sugar drops unexpectedly. 

Hope you do great.  I'm really sorry to hear about your pony.  It sounds like she was well loved and had a really good life.  Take care.