A Diabetic Life of Great & Not So Great Expectations

Hi everyone,

We had a great guest column on Diabetes News Hound this morning entitled: A Diabetic Life of Great & Not So Great Expectations written Patty Harmon, a lifelong Type 1 diabetic who was diagnosed in the 1950s and who ultimately went blind. Its a very personal account detailing many of the issues we discuss in here. It gave me really great perspective and I am really thankful to Patty for writing it. I am curious to hear what you all think. 


This was a very touching and poignant piece.  Thank you for sharing.  It's hard for me to imagine a time when it was so taboo to talk about chronic illness or even to not have access to the things we have today like home glucose meters.  It makes me really grateful for the advancements and also makes me think I shouldn't take anything for granted.

that was something to read, times must have much harder then..I am grateful for all we have now to manage d.

What a fascinating journey....thanks for sharing...really makes me appreciate all of the technology we have available as diabetics today.  Really makes me want to get better control.