A Diabetic Vlog for All of You!

Hi all, Im 21, living in Detroit, and going to college for Design. I was recently diagnosed about 6 months ago.
After enduring so much of the early diabetic education first hand, I decided to make a vlog for Type 1’s like me.
In this particular episode of the vlog, I discuss the visual story of insulin. Find the link below:

The History of Diabetes / Insulin

This is awesome! Keep it up!

Hey man I checked out your vlogs and they were awesome. I’m located in Washington State and am also 21 years old… I myself am creating a series on T1D and mental illness and we should totally chat. I’m looking to speak with people who have experienced every spectrum of this disease. T1D is a b!$&^, but we have a pretty awesome community of people to help with the struggles. Good luck to you!