A different kind of honeymoon

Writing to Daddy1234 just reminded me of some of the transitions my son has gone through in the past two months.  People always speak of a honeymoon period with diabetes.  My son has redefined that in his own way.

Before the diagnosis, he had frequent moments of typical teenage behavior (mood swings, irritability, etc.)  He had really just hit puberty in the half year before.  And of course, I have no idea how much blood sugar played a role in it.  He can be the world's greatest kid sometimes.  But other times---well, he had me so upset on night in Rome (srping break, the week before diagnosis) that I stayed in my hotel room and cried rather than go to the Trevi Fountain with him and the school group.  (weak example)

Anyway, he gets sick, lands in the hospital, diagnosed etc.  For about three weeks, I think he was so stressed, so shocked, so scared, so dependent on me that he was a total sweetheart.  There wasn't one cross word.

After about three weeks, the teenager returned.  The honeymoon was over, and it broke my heart in a completely different way.  We were getting along so beautifully!!!  But I guess him feeling more back to normal was necessary.




He is a teen and a teen boy so unfortunately this is the age they are embarrassed of their moms! hang in there you will be friends again!

Teens are hard,we love them,but the teen years can be bumpy,to say the least.Then you mix in the d stuff,and if they are the only one in their group with type1,it has to be hard.My heart goes out to them,because they are trying to grow up,yet want the security of being our babies.which they always will be.Till they get grown,I guess we just do the best we can.You seem to be a sweet mom,he sounds like a great teen.