A few random things

I've just been reading a few different posts and had some things to say, but thought I'd just throw them all together.

1.  This site is great and its really awesome to hear everyone's stories and talk with people (feel free to add me/chat!)

2.  Does anybody else get (or used to get, for me it was high school) "Oh you're diabetic, so you just can't eat sugar right?"  I hate that! haha  Actually I started a group at my school for diabetes education/fund raising and i recently had a speaker from the American Diabetes Association come and give a presentation that i named "You can't eat that it has sugar in it!? The Sweet Facts About Diabetes."  I felt justified! hahah

3.  I can't wait for CGM, and i can't believe we have to fight with isurance companies to get something that will help imporve our quality of life and possibly extend our life!

4.  Does anybody else use a lancet wayyyyy longer then they should?!  ( i think i read someone's post about that!)

5.  Is anyone else dealing with graduating college/needing to get their own insurance and all of that.  I'm going to try to go to grad school but i'm not sure if I'll have to work on the side in order to get insurance...


Sorry for all the random things thrown together, I'm used to the whole forum-discussion board thing, haha!


Number 2. VERY NICE.. I'm curious how that turned out?

Number 3. Hey, you don't HAVE to wait.. I got my son one and the insurance DID in fact pay for it.

Number 4. Yes and it isn't because we don't have a thousand laying around. I think my son is just way lazy.. LOL

Number 5. Are you covered under your parents health insurance? In Jan. of this year my Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan changed the ages for children's coverage. My kids are covered up to the age of 25 now and they do NOT have to be in college. You might check into that!

(2) It had a pretty good turnout.  The presentation just covered the basics, because most of the people walked in with absolutely no prior knowledge of diabetes.  However, i think every little bit helps when you are tryign to educate others on such an widely misunderstood disease.

(3)  Really?  Well thats good to hear.  I have heard a variety of things, and I'm pretty sure that the last time we talked with my doctor our insurance wouldn't pay for it.  However even if insurance does pay for it i hear each site for the CGM system costs around 35 dollars and lasts 3-4 days (around the same as the pump site), is that true?

(4) oh yeah i can definitely relate, i HAVE a lot around my dorm/house, but...you know...changing it tasks those precious 2-3 seconds that we just dont have! haha

(5)  This is definitely an area i need to research a little more.  I'm not sure on the coverage because we recently had some changes.  Its just a scary concept to think about in addition to starting your own life as a adult, because you NEED to have those prescriptions every month (or every three if you're on that mailing thing, which im on, its not that bad, jsut a whole lot of insulin at once haha), and when you work in the financial aspect it can be a little overwhelming!

Thanks for your feedback, talk to you later!

(3) Depending on what CGM you get really depends on the co-pay. My example is the Dexcom. First off you can keep the sensor in for up to 2 weeks!! unlike the pump sets, no product is being infused so you don't run the risk of infection. My son's has stayed in for 2 weeks and when we took it out, no worries. I'd recomment 10 days tops tho. it started to get a bit inaccurate.

I pay $56/for 4 sets (which can last about 2 months if you left them in 2 weeks each).

(5)-My daughter went to UW in WA state and had insurance thru the unniversity. She's in Canada now at McGill in Grad school and also has coverage through them. She didn't pay for it and co-pays are minimal. Have you checked at the University Health location?