A friend?

So i was out at a restuarant recently, doing some fundraising event, when my friend Allie decided she wanted to test her blood sugar.  It was really amusing, actually.  She spent about twenty minutes testing each of my fingers and some of my other friends because she was so nervous about the possibility of pain.  Haha, well, she finally got the courage to do it, and as soon as she pushed the button, screamed bloody murder.  Haha.  I'm pretty sure the whole restuarant was staring at her.  The best part was, the needle wasn't set right, and her finger didnt even bleed.  Of course, she didnt want to try again, but it was hilarious nonetheless.


Any stories about pricking your friends?  I'd love to hear their reactions.

yeah, i have one friend, coincidentally an Allie, who begged me for hours to let her try it and then it took her like thirty minutes to get up the courage and when shes done she turns to me all offended and says Whyd you let me do that it hurt?


My friends love testing themselves! I have one, in particular, who thinks it is awesome! I don't know why??!! I think she just loves my meter because it is purple!!!

wow!! A purple meeter... that is awsome!!

none of my friends are brave enough to try lol

haha, yes, my two best friends are guys and one's older sister is also diabetic. Every once in a while, the other one goes through a stage where he is convinced that he is diabetic so the two true diabetics of the group have him test himself. He's gotten really good at it and he knows all the signs, symptoms, and numbers. I think he just likes the attention.

My daughter's close group of friends have always taken a keen interest in her diabetes. When she was little they all had snack with her, went to friends weekend at diabetes camp, did the walk etc. So the first summer lauren was on a pump -- that would be almost 10 yrs ago, they decided to have a show of camaraderie at one of their swim meets (unbeknownst to me). They all come marching out of the locker room ready to swim -- with sites in ALL their stomachs! Never mind that 10 sites were used . . . I thought the other parents of all these 8 yr old girls were going to have heart attacks. It was pretty funny.

my roommate and two of my other college friends have had me test them before. They are always afraid of the results even though they are fine lol

but it's really funny, because my roommate was fixing something in our dorm and she cut her finger and it was bleeding... 1st thing she does is look at me and says "CAN YOU TEST ME!?" lol i just had to laugh

when i was in first grade or so, my best friend, christopher, would always want to prick his finger, except that as a first or second grader he would always do it with no problem, after like 5 seconds of hesitance.  i can't imagine my brother doing it though - when i first got the pump he would get so freaked out when i had to do set changes! 

Haha well my friend and i were on the bus and he didn't no i had diabetesso when i took my stuff out ant pricked my finger and saw the blood he almost fainted it was so funny

i have a friend who is always on my back about testing and giving insulin for food. well on day i got really mad about it soo i kind of challenged her and told her to test her blood sugar. it took her like an hour to do so and in the end i ended up doing it for her. now she always is testing her blood and she likes to watch me change my pump. sometimes when im not looking she will get my pump and bolus for me. hahahah

my cousin is so funny, she always knows that when i bring my diabetes stuff out she knows im going to test my sugar. she loves it when i do it for some odd reason. she always asks if i tested yet. 

Once at my friends birthday all my friends were watching me test and one asked if she could do it. After she did like 3 others dicided to, and then the rest did after about 15 minutes. They wondered how food effects me so they all ate a glucose tab and tested a few minutes later. They all went up about 30 points but one went down from 126 to 97!!

my friends and cuzins love it when i do it for some odd reason!!!! also my bro.s and sis.s love to watch me too!!! its so funny!

A bunch of my girlfriends had a fake stagette (for kicks, it was really fun!).  I just got diagnosed last year and I am still kind of terrified of drinking so I always drive, but we were at someone's house before we went out to the bar and one of them asked to check her blood sugar after I had done it, and then ALL of them were doing it.  They were so drunk and thought it was so funny! ooo whats your blood sugar?  Mine was this!

My friends and I went to Target on our bikes (i live like right next to it!) to get smoothies. So, I tested my BS and took some insulin. When we were by the counter my friend screamed, "ARE YOU HIGH" and "YOU SHOULDNT HAVE HAD THAT LAST NIGHT" (we had a sleepover the night before and I had about 5 pieces of candy, lol) When we were leaving Target, she pulled out my test kit from my bag and poked herself while screaming at the top of her lungs, haha that day was halarious.

wow alot of these stories apply to mee as well my friends are eithr terrified or facinated my cousins and the kids i bbsit for are obsessive about it they always ask me" meggy wen u pokey can i do it for you?" so cute but the best one has to be my boyfriends big bro who has a blood disorder and has had quite a few transfusions and such and is nowhere near afraid of needles but gets soooooooooooooo freaked out when i change my site or check. he is always asking "how do you do that???" kind of ironic right??

one time after a school dance my sisters boyfriend decided he wanted to test his blood sugar. so i got my meter ready for him while he tried to prick himself he couldn't do it so he handed me the pokee thingee and right when i pushed the button he pulled his hand away and i got the base of my finger. it hurt. so i changed the needle grabed his hand and pricked him. his expression was so funny he looked like he had to choose the red wire or the blue wire with 10 seconds left. now he pricks himself but the first time was hilarious.

I have a friends,amber who wanted to test her sugar at church the other night but wouldnt let me prick her finger. Every time i would go to prick uet finger she would pull back. So she made her boyfriend pick a zit on her forehead until it bled and then she told me to use that. Everyone was staring at me and i felt weird. But it was funny. My friends actually paid to have their blood tested cuz my strips arent free and they wanted to pay for them. It was cool.

Wow these are all soooo hysterical!!! The first year I had diabetes my bff wanted to try to test her BG and when I went to prick her she was so freaked out and kept asking over and over and over if it hurt until I finally said, "Yes, it feels like someone just cut off your finger!" and then she was so freaked out she ran away. Eventually she did it and it was 113. Also, my other bff's brother is soooooooo terrified of needles. The first time I had to do my injection at their house for dinner he walked into the room I was doing it in and saw the syringe sticking out of my stomach and turned completely white, then screamed soooo loud and ran to the bathroom because he had peed his pants. He is only like ten. Now every time I check my number or take insulin near him he watches but if I come near him he freaks out. It's sooooo funny!! I laugh so hard. :D