A Great Blog to Help You Cope Check it Out

There are alot of really good interesting, creative blogs out there.  They are a mix of inspiration, support, practical advise on diabetic tools to use, etc...

The one I found this morning is www.diabetesaliciousness.blogspot.com.  In one of her recent blogs she wrote about an encounter with a good friend of hers that is a PWD(person with diabetes).  That after a four hour lunch she realized that when you are with another person who understands and speaks the unspoken diabetes language, it creates both a bonding and an understanding that words can't describe.  She said that diabetes meet-ups are amazing, validating and empowering and that she hopes that everyone has the experience to connect with other PWDs(I like that term).

I think that the writer of this blog really speaks to the heart.  To have a deep connection to someone like that whether it is a friend, significant other or spouse is essential to get by in life.  This is very much so if you are a PWD.  Have you found that special someone to share your thoughts, emotions, etc.  when it comes to living with diabetes ?  It would be great to hear from some of you.

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She is a pretty fantastic blog writer! I check out her writings quite often too. I don't comment much, but I do enjoy them :o)

Agreed - Kelly is pretty awesome!  :)