A Great Boyfriend

So I'm in a new relationship (we've been dating about 3 months) and this guy just keeps impressing me. We're both in high school and we both have big dreams for our futures, respectively. I am planning on going to school biochem premed and ultimately becoming a researching endocrinologist. That being said I am a HUGE diabetes geek. I am actually starting some research in a college lab next year (my senior year). Diabetes as a whole fascinates me and not only does this guy put up with my frequent rants, he is genuinely interested in it too. Not only that, but he wants to learn what it's like, as possible as that is. He has told me that he wants to put in a pump site (like in him, to see what it feels like) and he wants to test his blood sugar (if I ever remember to bring a spare lancet) and he asks a lot of questions about it too. His family, especially his dad, is like that too. The other night I was over there for supper and his dad and I (the rest of the family was there too) but his dad was very interested) talked about diabetes and complications and stuff like that for over an hour. 


Anyways, I forgot where I was going with this, but I just wanted to gush a bit and hopefully offer a bit of hope that there are great guys out there!