"A Little Bit Longer"

so how many others of you no matter how many times you listen to that song by Nick Jonas you still cry?

you know whats really sad... I never heard it before.....

OK, i am alittle old for him but, definitely!!!  Love the song!!!!!

"A little bit longer" is one of my fave song of the Jonas brother's song

honestly, I've only ever heard 2 song by the Jonas Brothers and that is one, and...it's alright/good.

Just not much into pop stars.

you deff. should listen to it! =)

I bought it, now its on my ipod

me either

well i have it on my limewire nd when im alone and listen 2 it i cnt help but cry lol


haha same here!

except on youtube

 i just like bawl pretty much lol