A little discouraged

My son will be 14 next week and was dxd in December 0f 2003. He started pumping in March of 2006.  As he has been growing and changing, his blood sugars have gone way out of control. Last week his endo took him off of the pump and put him back on MDI. I feel as if this is a step backwards. What do you think?

Hi K

Going from pump back to MDI does sound unusual, but then again they are both just a 'means to an end' - maintaining blood sugars and keeping the a1c number down.  

Maybe you could talk with your son's endo?  See if s/he can help you understand why going to MDI was the recommended step? However, if you don't understand/trust this doc, then it might be worth starting to look for alternatives.

Having said that, your son is a teenager, and so starting to make his own decisions.  Maybe it was his choice to go back to MDI?? If this was a factor, then you may want to give this special consideration ... when all is said and done, diabetes is going to be your sons challenge, and they more he feels like he is making important decisions and taking responsibility, the better equipped he will be to succeed.

Good luck!


A pump is not the only answer to good diabetes management. It takes a great deal of committment (during adolescence) to constantly evaluate basal rates and changing ratios not only because of sporatic and rapid growth during adolescence but also increased stressors at that age (internal and external stressors) and compliance issues. With a long acting insulin (Levemir/Lantus) the MD can ensure basal compliance as long as your son is administering the long acting insulin. By reverting back to Novolog ratio and correctional dosing, it can increase MD and patient awareness of changes. Many individuals (throughout their lifespan) intentionally take pump breaks for this and other reasons. Hang in there. Adolescence is tough all the way around. Focus on good communication with your son and everything will be fine.