A Little Inspiration

Kris Freeman, diagnosed with T1 in 2000, is going to the 2010 Winter Olympics to compete in cross-country skiing.  I can't even begin to comprehend the challenges of managing T1 while competing in such an intense endurance sport.  Needless to say, our family will be following Kris as the Olympics roll around...





Thanks Mo-We might follow him too ! This kind of story  lifts my spirits ! :)

I will be following as well! Thanks so much !!

Wow! Thanks for posting this.

Thanks for the info. He must have some crazy good control.LOL

i met him at diabetes camp this summer!

This is fantastic :) and these stories really are inspiring :)

Kris deserves the support of the entire diabetes population, regardless of home country. He's a great guy as well as a great athlete. Go Kris! We'll all be cheering you on in Vancouver and beyond.