A long, long, (long) time ago

Okay, this is courtesy of the WABAC (way back) machine used, of course, by our heroes Sherman and Mr. Peabody... 


I am posting this poem from when I was in high school because, though badly written, it does a nice job of providing a snapshot of where I was emotionally (or - when i read it, i think it does... which may mean little, since i am intimately familiar with the author)…  Anyhow, it goes back to a time a few years after my diagnoses when I was not so good at dealing with (or disclosing) my emotions…   


A masquerade!

The mask in place

words and music

draw them in

pushing them

away from truth-

from the pain

lying within

watch the show

hear the tune

An event

They can’t forget

no way to see -

they’ll never know

strings taut

with exquisite skill

Wrapped in dance

they sing aloud

all the while

trusting they know

caught in the web

A masquerade!

I have read this 4 times,thank you for posting it.


I still think this is incredible. I love it - it truly did do an amazing job of communicating the feelings derived from diabetes, especially only a few years after diagnosis. It still does.