A Magic Wand For Your Type 1 Mom

If you had a magic wand for your type1 mom,what kind of type1 mom would she be?

Hi Meme - It's interesting that you asked that question.  I was visiting my mom yesterday and out of curiosity from you question, I asked her.  Her response was "Well, I don't know.  Just be a mom I guess.  Be there for your child." 

It was a great question because I think I took my mom for granted all those years.  My dad was more of the get on me type - did you test your urine, did you have your shot, how come your high- what did you eat that made you high.  Granted that was close to 30 years ago so we didn't have a blood testing meter then let alone A1c tests and I'd go once a month for a fasting blood test.

My mom let me have my space.  She new I was responsible enough to make my breakfast, snacks and lunch for school.  When I'd get home from practice (whether it was soccer, baseball, basketball etc) she would have my dinner ready with everything measured out.  She'd ask nicely 'honey, did you test?' before I would eat, but in a way that didn't make me feel guilty or ashamed for having T1.  She let me be me all the while keeping a close eye on me without being suffocating. 

I was the type of patient that I wanted to know why I had it and what I needed to do.  Independence was the key for me - some other children might be different or even younger and need more direction.  My mom's answer of 'just be a mom' was perfect for me.  Only a mother would know what type of mom she should be.    I don't know if you were just curious or if you are trying to find out how to be a better mom to your child, but I wish you the best.  If you are on here and seeking answers, I'm sure you're great!  Good luck!

Hello Doug, I thank you and your mom. Everything you wrote was helpful to me.I was looking for insight from the other side.I thought if I could hear what others might say,I might pick up a few tips to improve.I do worry and fret and stress over it all. But I am going to remember what your mom said. Just be a mom and be there for your child.That I am,that I can do.Thanks again.