A new Campaign for Kids and families

Hi everyone. 

Just passing along the website of my son's diabetes awareness campaign. 


He is the greatest little 9-yr old inspiration.  He has developed a campaign for spreading the word and uses little blue plastic lawn ornament Flamingos.


Visit his site and drop him an email!  He will certainly will enjoy getting a flamingo out to anyone interested!!!

Hi Tim!  Your son is such a little warrior.  And his story reminds me of my own.  I grew up in Taunton, and I now live in Middleboro.  I'm so excited to see Type 1 awareness coming to Bristol County!  I'm also organizing a charity golf tournament in September to benefit The JDRF Boston Walk for the Cure.  I would love to incorporate Noah and his campaign with the event, if you are interested?  Let me know.  I also have some local resources if Noah is interested in reaching out to other kids in our area with T1D.

Keep Flocking :)

I love the flamingo idea! (: If we still lived in Somerville, MA, I'd contact you. (Don't know if your birds "fly" down to DC, lol).

Keep up the good work! I'm impressed by the community work children do these days! (With help from hard-working parents of course). At that age, I was probably busy painting my nails blue or something...