A new glucose machine for kids that hooks up to a Nintendo DS!

Bayer Announces DIDGET Blood Glucose Meter For Nintendo DS

Bayer Diabetes Care has announced its new DIDGET blood glucose monitoring system, which the company claims as the first and only blood glucose meter intended for kids aged 5-14 with diabetes that plugs into Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite gaming devices, based on Bayer’s trusted CONTOUR system, aiming to transform kids diabetes experience by tapping into their existing passion for video games to encourage consistent blood glucose testing with reward points that children can use to buy in-game items as well as unlock new game levels.

“One of the biggest challenges facing parents of children with diabetes is the constant struggle to instil the habit of regular blood glucose testing that is critical for consistent diabetes management,” said John Gregory, Professor in Paediatric Endocrinology, Wales School of Medicine, Cardiff University. “Bayer’s DIDGET meter can help ease the parent/child tension that testing often creates by adding an element of fun and rewards to the routine. Because it is designed with children in mind, Bayer’s DIDGET meter can transform a child’s blood glucose testing experience from something they have to do into something they want to do.”

Bayer’s DIDGET that includes Knock ‘Em Downs: World’s Fair video game and Mini Game Arcade will also connect to a new password protected web community – Bayer’s DIDGET World (coming soon!), where children can earn reward points for blood glucose test results and create their own page.

“The DIDGET meter is a revolutionary development in healthcare management. Up until now, blood glucose monitors have been created with adults in mind,” said Sandra Peterson, Head of Bayer Medical Care. “This product was inspired by a parent of a child with diabetes, to directly address the challenges facing kids with diabetes and their parents. Bayer’s DIDGET meter offers play with purpose to encourage kids to regularly monitor their blood glucose and begin to view regular testing as fun.”


Bayer Unveils DIDGET Glucose Meter for Nintendo DS Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget Review

 An exact launch date for the meter is unavailable but Bayer says the launch will be soon.


will it be available in canada?

There's isn't alot of information available as far as availability yet. I would hope they'd release it (eventually) worldwide.

They are currently working on a website for the DIDGET. http://www.bayerdidget.com/Under-Construction you could periodically check there for updates.

Ooh, I know what's going on my Christmas List!

(But, Daddy! It's all in the name of diabetes!)

Where has this been all my life...I know exactly what they're doing, and I still want one.  Can you imagine someone without diabetes testing their blood sugar just to get more game features?

The Bayer UK website has an interactive demo of Didget that you can check out here: http://www.bayerdidget.co.uk/about-didget/Product-Demo

Neat professional demo, I wonder if it has a built in "tilt" feature that prevents users from performing 20 back to back control tests to get points faster than normal.


LOL. I said the same thing why didn't I have a cool machine like this. First there's Rufus and Ruby the Diabetic bears I missed out on and now this awesome machine. Although I don't have to miss out on this, I have a DS and might purchase a DIDGET when they come out (depending on the price).

Would it be so bad if an adult...like, say me...liked this and happened to have a DS? Hmm? Where can I go to get this? In between learning Chinese, I could do this...this sounds wonderful. Am I restricted to being able to get one because I am past 14?

...just as long as there isn't a Waaa Waaa Waaaaaaaaa when you have a high BG...

Crochet Nut,

 I am going to check them out and I'm over 14, lol. Maybe it'll encourage me to get better readings too : )

[quote user="Crochet Nut"]

 I could do this...this sounds wonderful. Am I restricted to being able to get one because I am past 14?


I have the same question :)

Does anyone else find it strange that the "ideal" number on the Diget says 52?  Or is that 5.2?  It must be Canada.

omggg. thattts so cooool!

Kate,  it looks like it's 5.2 to me.

I just did the kids demo and i sooooooooooo have to get one when they are released into the us!!!

im with allysa, this is going on my christmas list. i totally want one of these!!!



The didget is here for those who are interested in getting one !!!! I just found it on the walgreens website.