A project I've started to help inspire

A month or so ago I started a kickstarter fundraiser to get funding for a photo project involving diabetes. We ended up getting the funding and photo shoots are being scheduled. We also made a website where others can share their photos and stories. We are still slow on getting people to participate in it due to the fact that it is so new and a lot of people aren’t aware of its existence. I would love to feature some of you guys on it and would appreciate it if any of you would spread this project to any diabetic friends or family. Thanks a lot!
-Edward Fieder

www.thefacesofdiabetes.com - Website - Read the “About” and “FAQ” pages

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Please keep in mind this is ALL new! It’ll take awhile before it gets traction but I’m hoping it’ll get busy to where I can update the page everyday with a new person.