A Quest for pregnancy

Hi all!

I have a new blog that I would like you to check out. I am starting the process of lowering my A1C in order to get pregnant and I need some support. Come on over and let me know your thoughts!


Hey Abbey,

Sounds like we're in the same boat.  I am also in the process of getting my A1C in "baby range".  I was at 7.1 in April, and my goal for July is 6.5.  If I can meet that goal, my husband and I will be making another OB appointment! 

I also use a pump and CGM (although I'm using Animas and Dexcom), and am finding that minimizing my post-meal spikes is making a huge difference.  I still have crazy numbers sometimes, but I'm getting a lot better at guessing, and recreating the scenarios that I succeed in.  For the most part, I'm eating the same exact breakfast and lunch Monday - Friday, which helps me keep my numbers in check during the weekdays. 

I like the blog - you've got a good "voice"!  I am also a SUM fan.  Finding her blog was really my first introduction to any T1 experiencing pregnancy, and even though she had her ups and downs, it's reassuring to know someone was able to do it successfully - and with many of the same conditions I'll be under.  I'll have to remember to check out your blog from time-to-time, too. 

Best of luck to you!  If you ever want to chat, I'm here.


Thanks for the encouragement Kim.  I was at 7.0 in March and 7.0.  I think I might need to make a few sacrifices to get below 7.0. However, I am inspired by others who successfully lower their A1C, get pregnant and have a healthy child. I know it can be done. 

Thanks again for checking out my blog. 



I checked your blog out. I love it! I think I could take a few examples from you as well. I love food and I love to cook, so eating premade and meal replacements is so hard! I have done it but then I quickly become board with it. One meal every other day or so don't sound too shabby! 

My A1C was down to 8.3. After some major happenings in my life, and a move halfway across the country, my A1C jumped to 9.3. For me this was bad news but not the worst, my A1C has been much much higher in the past. Just after I found out about my current A1C I found out I was pregnant. Time for MAJOR change! I am 12 weeks along now and just this week received my CGM. I am making big diet changes and checking my blood sugars so much that I am sure I will be fingerless by the time the baby comes! I am hoping that my A1C is down when I have my next lab work done, June 21st. 

To let you know. Dispite my high A1C the baby is doing great! The doctors are not to concerned with the baby not being healthy, they are more worried about my health. I have to say, I agree with that. I see the doctor once a week and with every visit the doctor becomes more confident in believing I can get my health on track. Just over the last 4 weeks I have made a 180 turn!

You are doing great and you are doing so many things right! I am sure your quest will turn out for the best!

If you would like to read my blog about how I am feeling and things going on with the pregnancy, feel free to do so. I am just getting into the whole blogging thing, but it is helping me express things I am going through.


I have one other blog that deals with my diabetes in a more specific detail.


Good luck and I look forward to reading your blog!


Mary Martha, 

Thanks for checking out my blog! I can't believe you have time to do TWO blogs.  Nice job!

Glad to hear that le bebe is doing well and I hope you get a lower A!C on the 21st as well. But don't be too hard on yourself if it isn't. At least, that's what my husband always tells me. As you can see from my earlier post, I stayed a flat 7.0. Take good care of yourself and keep me updated!



I am trying to get prenant...did you have any problems?  My periods are pretty regular but I just took a pregnancy test (couldn't wait until this friday) and it came up negative :(