A Report On Type 1, 1900-1950, by Dr. Joslin

Dr. Elliott Joslin wrote the following article in 1950. It gives a report on Type 1 diabetes for the years 1900-1950. It is very interesting to be able to compare the now with the then while reading this article. Type 1 diabetics, and others, should find the article very interesting...rather startling too.


Dear Richard,

Thanks for the reply to my search for a spot to 'join the juvenation coments sites'. I did manage finally - probably just too fast for the internet / joining....  Well I don't know / haven't met any one who has managed to survive with Diabetes as long as me so thanks for the surprise! As a long time nurse my primary interaction was with just diagnosed paediatric cases or Type2 cases in trouble.  The Joslin article I'm sure I've seen before - my dad was very well read - and I've definitely outlived what my life expectancy [at age of 12] was predicted. At that time it ~40 years - I still remember the last night of being 39 - going to bed and wondering if there was any reason I'd not get to work the next day! Even had champagne on hand!  I have a print of Banting House from Novo nordisk - celebrating the 50+ year mark in my survival - it turns out the actual / original painting was done by a gentleman who worked at AECL at the same time / same place as my dad - small world! As for the Joslin award - do not have that at this point in time.  If you know who to contact re this I'd be interested.