A Researcher Fighting for Us - Stem Cell Research

To anyone who believes in conspiracies such as "thay already have a cure for that" I always say, no, if they did, all it would take is one researcher, one drug company's executive to be affected or inflicted by that disease and then it would all come out.

Douglas Melton of Harvard has been doing amazing things...and not because a drug company is paying him to create a treatment they can profit from.

Here is an amazing article on a man who's son was diagnosed at six months, and who's daughter was diagnosed at age 14 with Type 1 Diabetes.


Folks, this is one of the things that really gets my heart racing, and under the current administration it sounds like this research will really take off.

Buckle in for a good 10-12 minute read, but it's definately worth it.


Thanks for this news! I emailed them last night to see if they needed any more donor eggs...don't need mine anymore and would rather have them used for researching this cure!!!!!!!! Wonder if they'll get back to me!

Be well!


Well, they did get back to me and said they weren't searching for egg donars anymore because there weren't enough quialifying candidates..hhmm. Bummer...maybe with the new administration more opportunities will come up to donate eggs for research. Meantime, keep praying for that cure!

I read this article-- it was amazing! Thanks for posting!

Melton is my hero.  I read this article a couple nights ago (I have a subscription to TIME) and it really amazed me how Melton has completely changed his career focus based on his two kids' diagnoses.  I know that my own diagnosis has influenced my career choice, and it was super refreshing to hear how the diagnoses of his children has affected him similarly.

Before I post this, let me point out that yes, I feel stupid about it. Yes, I am a bit of a slacker when it comes to reading those JDRF e-mails. And yes, I think that is a bad idea. (PS: yes, I should change it, too :))
Anyway. Stem Cell Research.
My class actually studied that yesterday in biology, which I was really excited about since even though I've heard about it, I haven't really taken the time to read up on it or anything *blushes*. That makes me feel a bit ridiculous since it's a possible cure; why would I not read about something that could change, and save, my life? Grr. Now I'm kicking myself for skipping those e-mails and science articles. I think I'll go dig those out right now, and read every. Single. One....

There's an important one for this Monday.  I'll post a new thread to make sure everyone who doesn't suscribe to those emails is aware...

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There's an important one for this Monday.  I'll post a new thread to make sure everyone who doesn't suscribe to those emails is aware...



I read that one! Gold star for me :)