A scard grandfather

My 9yr old grandson and my daughter moved in with me. He has had type 1 for 5 years. He is wetting thw bed every night. His blood sugers are high in the morning. 200 to 350. We think he is sneaking food. Is it possible we are wrong

hi David @Danielbgibbs, yes its possible you are wrong, it’s always possible to be wrong.

Many children under 12 have problems with bed wetting regardless of diabetes.

I found a study with the following data online: Bed-wetting was reported in 33% of 5-, 18% of 8-, 7% of 11-, and 0.7% of 17-years-olds.

I don’t know the circumstances of why your daughter moved in but if it was drastic or as a result of an issue (family, economic) the move itself can affect a young boy’s behavior.

9 is also a tough age to be dealing with a life-long chronic disease such as diabetes, and so there is probably behavior and other issues (depression) to look out for.

“sneaking” food is another issue entirely. in my opinion - your grandson needs flexibility in his life, his activities, and his diet and needs to become accustom to being able to eat anything he chooses, as long as testing and insulin are a part of it. There is really nothing he can’t eat as long as he also uses insulin to cover the sugar in the food (candy, ice cream pizza whatever). This may be a hard time for him, and so contact with a CDE (Certified diabetes educator) an endocrinologist, or a nutritionist whit type 1 experience may be of help.

high blood sugar can be related to more frequent urination, but I don’t knoo where his endo or pediatrician wants his overnight blood sugar to be. it’s pretty common for endo’s to want kids at 150 at night so they don’t risk overnight hypoglycemia, which can be more dangerous.

Hope you are doing ok and please let us know how your grandson is doing.


My son is now 14yo he has been diagnosed for 6 years now! I have dealt with all types of fun things from sneaking food to unexplained highs over night very similar to your situation the best advice I can give you would be to start doing night test it is very tiring but very worth it to wake up every couple of hours checking his blood sugar for a few days in a row which will give you an idea of what is blood sugar is doing through the night! you might find out that he needs to increase his basal over night or you might just catch him sneaking food in which case you can fix either by calmly explaining to him that if he is hungry in the middle of the night its ok to eat but he needs to wake mom or grandpa for help! as I am typing this another thought came to mind he might be sneaking food not so much because he’s hungry but he may be experiencing LOWS at night and sneaking food to correct him self feeling that low! is he able to get a CMG (continues glaucous monitor) we just recently got my son his dexcom and it has to be one of the most useful tools in our arsenal! If your insurance will not cover a full time CGM most insurance will cover a “test” where you borrow one from his dr for a week! I would defiantly talk to your grandson and talk to his dr and see what options are out there! I hope you are able to get this figured out!

Thank you I will try it

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Hey danielgibbs. I don’t know how long your grandson’s last dosage lasts, but he could be hungry in the middle of the night. It used to happen to me. Growing, not eating enough, and just being a kid can be difficult. I would try to suggest some healthier snacks such as a glass of milk, a few strawberries, (not grapes). Good luck!