A senior worried about college

Hey Everyone!

I'm a high school senior and I was just diagnosed with type 1 this summer (2009) and while going through the college apps, I started to wonderful how would my diabetes affect the typical college life. And also my current insurance covered me until I'm 18, and heard that as long as i'm in college I should be covered, is that true? Any input would be high appreciated!


hey llaria!

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes one month before graduating high school. I then went off to college that fall. So I had about 4 months to get adjusted. I am now a sophomore in college, and I absolutely love it! I never let diabetes stand in my way. I make sure to control it and keep it a priority, but I always work around what I need to in order to feel "normal." That being said, I don't go wild.

Also, check with your insurance company, but most cover (under parents insurance which I am assuming you're currently on) until 25 or out of college, whichever comes first.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me!

Yes, insurance will cover you through college (mine is up in December).


Don't let diabetes hold you back from anything in college. Honestly, if you stay on top of your blood sugars, you can do everything the 'normal' kids can do. Stay in contact with your doctor and make friends. :o) ENJOY IT! <--- That's the best advice you're going to get.

Some states require insurance to last even longer. As long as you are in school, most insurances will cover you under a parents plan. Also, at least in NJ a new law came out that can continue insurance coverage up until the age of 29 or 30. Even if you are done with school I believe. While it is a bit of a hassle and scare to think about insurance on top of everything else. The easiest thing to do is to either call the provider or if your insurance is from a parent have them check to make sure what the options for you are.


Hi, I am also a senior in high school. I was diagnosed in March of this year. I know exactly how you feel!!! On Saturday I took the SAT's for the second and final time and am now working on applying to colleges.  It is such a pain in the butt.  I hope all goes well for you, and know that you are not alone in this!!


I was diagnosed one month before starting my sophomore year in college.  It was a scary, but I didn't miss any school.  Diabetes quickly became a part of my life there.  I found that I would be checking the dining hall's online menu before heading over for dinner and I would give my shots in the bathroom in the dining hall before heading in to grab my food.  But aside from a little more pre-planning for my meals, everything went very smoothly and I had a wonderful time in college.

Regarding insurance: As previously noted, most people can stay on their parents plans through college.  If that's not an option for you, all school offer health insurance to full time students. Also most school have pretty good on campus clinics.  Fortunately I never had to go there except to get my prescriptions, but it was reassuring to know it was right across campus if I needed anything.

Also the JDRF has a site with information for those who are planning on going to college. You can check it out here.


:} thanks for resource 

also I took my SAT 1 last saturday and I thought I was fully prepared until that morning i was up in 270s and the entire time i was high. has anyone have this happen to them before and what did you do?

I think you'll do great! Are you living at home or on campus?

I know with my parents insurance I am covered as long as I am in school until I turn 24.

With the high BG, when you're body is under stress such as a big test like the SATs, you're BG will naturally be higher. Stress causing your BG to spike. Don't worry too much about it, keep your stress under control and check your BG often!

oh okay thanks

just wondering, i must admit i am pretty confident i did pretty badly on my SATs this time, would it be better just to wait and see or cancel my scores?

im also a senior this year! i think its true. my insurance (or the last insurance company my dads work had insurance through) would cover me till i was 24 or graduated college. the only stipulation was i couldnt be out of school longer than 3 months. if i get accepted into one of the colleges i applied to earlier than i wount have to worry about that. i start rght after i graduate. yay! nursing school is going to suck (having to start that early it is)!!!