A Silly Question?

There have been several instances where I have made a mistake with my bolus (i.e. it was set on dual wave and I wanted a normal wave bolus) and I want to cancel what was input but once it starts a bolus I can't seem to overide it. This seems a little stupid to me, what if I made a mistake and put in 85 carbs and meant 58? I can't find anywhere in the instruction booklet on how to cancel a bolus once it starts. Any thoughts... Oh I have the minimed paradigm


I am an Omnipod user so all I know about the MM is from what I have read online, however, I was always under the impression that you could press the ESC key while a bolus was in process and cancel it.  Does it give you a cancel? when you hit escape or have you tried hitting it twice?  I'm sorry - I'll shoot a note to my MM rep and see what she can tell me!

Good luck and hopefully someone has a more definite answer!!!


i have the the minimed also and i always stop my boluses on accident and to stop it you just press act to suspend it and and then unsuspend it and it will stop the bolus all together.