A 'solution' to Figuring the Carbs,etc. in a 'Recipe'!

When my son was first diagnosed with Diabetes, one of his favorite things I made was a Pumpkin Bread from a 'Recipe' and I did NOT know how to figure the 'Carbs' for his Insulin Dosing???  So I just guessed.....until I found the 'Track3' Electronic Carb Counter!!!  Gosh, was I  waaayy off on the Carbs!   The 'Track3' is a Carb Counter, Insulin Calculator, and Planner all in one 'at the touch of a finger'!  You can save favorites, meals, and figure the nutritional values in Recipes!!!  A NEW feature just added is the 'Insulin Calculator' that allows you to enter your Carbs/BG Ratios and it will tell you the 'Insulin Dose' you need...GREAT addition to the device!  

To 'simplify' your Diabetes Management with the 'Track3' go to:  www.track3DMD.com  





ohhhhh. cooool [=

This is great! Thanks, Dar!

You are welcome Stephanie!!  Anyway I can 'share' with others to help make their 'diabetes management' EASIER is my goal!!!  I live it daily too with my son, JL,  so I know how difficult the challenges can be.....EVERYONE with Diabetes should have the ability to live a 'normal' life and still have the 'pleasure' of eating their 'favorites'!!!  Let me know should you have any questions or need help with anything!  The 'Track3' device really is a great PDA for those with Diabetes!  www.track3DMD.com  


Yea Sabryna it is REALLY COOL!!! .... and most of all so helpful when you want to eat a 'Favorite RECIPE'  and don't want to get 'off target' on your Carb Counting.....my son, JL,  loves it....he is your age!!  www.track3DMD.com

http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/recipe_analysis.php works, too.

the worst thing i ever aye was a deep fried smore at moutian creek @ diabetes camp. my cabin nurse was gunna kill me

Thankyou for your post, Pumpkin Bread and other favorite recipes are so hard for my daughter.  I am going to try the track3DMD you mentioned.


Hi Erodas!

You are welcome!  I hope you will find the 'Track3' device to be of help, should you decide to Order one!  

I like to 'share' with others in hopes of 'simplifying' their Diabetes Management!

Good luck.....and enjoy your 'Favorite Recipes' with your daugher!


I just came across your blog.... we just found out our son has diabetes 1 this week.  We do not eat out, I cook homemade meals and I am having a hard time calculating the carbs.  Thanks for the advice - I will definitely look into this

Hi Deana!  So glad you came across the blog for the Track3 Device!  Gosh I know how 'overwhelming and devastating' it can be when your

son is first diagnosed.....I was there 6 years ago with our son, J.L.!  Actually I wish I had the Track3 then....it would have made things alot

easier for us!  YES you are able to enter your "Own Foods' if they are not in the device (1000 free spaces) and you can Enter Recipes and then

figure per serving the Carbs, etc.  If you get a 'Track3' make sure you always Enter the 'Total Number of Servings'  for the entire Recipe when putting the

Recipe in....and then when you go back to 'log' the Recipe when you eat it.....put in the amount of servings that wil be eaten ( 1, 2, etc..) and then

the individual serving will be broken down for you!  You can also save Favorite Foods and Meals as well.....so very convenient !!

I also wanted to mention that we recently added an Insulin Calculator to the device.  When entering your Carbs and BG you can then

figure the Insulin Dose needed with your Carb Ratio and Correction Factor Ratio  added together.  This will help you sooo  much!  You are

always welcome to be in contact with me should you need help or just someone to talk to....I know how difficult this time can be!  My

website again is:  www.track3DMD.com     Thank you for your note!   Hang in there....you are NOT alone!   Darlyne