A Special Juvenation Project: Your Voices

Currently I am working on a special project centered around Juvenation and the idea of getting inside the mind of diabetes. I'm looking for comments to help me summarize the project, ie why people need to understand, how they don't understand, what diabetes is, how we manage it, etc. So far I have this to start:
We come from all over the world, but we all have one thing in common. We were all diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at one point in our life.

There is a good chance I will be using your replies in my project, just a head's up before you respond. Thanks so much for helping me with this; I'll post the project later as it nears completion.

Alyssa, juvenation.org is a way for us all to connect. We can share first hand information about how each of us treats "MY diabetes." We can use the efficiency of online/elecrtronic communication to support each other emotionally as we all struggle to maintain healthy blood sugars. But my largest hope for this site is that we can use it as a vehicle to organize ourselves: to take "FINDING A CURE" into our own hands.

I believe we can utilize this site to help fund research and raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes.We're just getting started, but in a few short months we already have the power of thousands registered online to make a difference.


I think people need to understand because this is a serious diase and it really effects how we feel every moment of our lives. But they just cant understand how it feels like we're walking through . . . slush when we're high and our extreme need 4 food and 4 rest when we're low

to me, diabetes is a thing that messes up our lives because we need to worry about whatever we do to make sure our blood sugars are good. this site is the best thing ever because we can get help from others who have already had that happen.

Just because we're diabetic doesnt make us any different than the rest of the world except in a small aspect of our health, We're people with diabetes not a seperate species. The term diabetic doesnt define you, just decribes your lifestyle.

from my time at Camp UTADA (diabetes camp), they always told us that diabetes wasn't who we were its what we had. it was just a part of our lives. that's what we come here to talk about, the disease that takes up a lot of our natural lives. we don't always talk about diabetes, but it's good to know that we aren't the only ones dealing with it. i know that's why i'm here.

I actually got into the school paper about my diabetes.

We have to make everyone know that we are still human and not just weirdos.

The cure is gonna come from us, making a move, big enough for the world to see. Like, from space.

I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but I'll give you some witty quotes I've just thought of...

"So, some cells in my pancreas died.  It didn't change my heart or who I am."

"I'm a diabetic, and I love sugar.  I just prefer to have my sugar with a little bit of insulin, thank you very much."

"Do you have friends that help you stay healthy?  Say, your mom, who encourages you to eat vegetables?  Well I have a lot of friends that help me stay healthy.  Their names are Glucose Meter, Test Strips, Insulin Pump, Fast-acting Insulin, Finger Pricker and Sharp Needle.  I know, weird names, but I couldn't LIVE one day in this world without them."

I hope I didn't respond too late!  I just saw the post...

Juvenation is like facebook for Tyoe 1 Diabetics......


This site offers support, without the intrusivness of going to a group...you can pick and chose what you want to talk about and you can think about what you want to say before you say (which in my case is usually better for me)

My neighbor's son was just diagnosed..... one of the first things I said was "welcome to the club, there are some other members on here and you should check it out..."