A type 1 cure... what do you think?

hey everyone. :)

i was just thinking, do you think we'll find a cure soon? i've been told forever that there is going to be a cure  really soon, but nothing has happened yet. i've only had t1d for a few months, but i have a younger friend who has had it for most of his life and every year, he's told that the cure is so close. 

I always have hope for a cure.  It may come.  I have to be accepting in order to function with this disease.  Even Francine Kaufman, who thinks she is on the way to a cure in her lab says that Diabetes is so complicated that one cure might not work for everyone.  It amuses me that the more the medical community studies the human body, the more complex it gets.  We all are walking, talking miracles.  Hey, thank God for insulin.  If this was just a hundred years ago, there would be no need for Juvenation as we all probably would have died from this disease.

I have only been diabetic for 8 months and i already know that if we all help out in some way itll come maybe not during our generation but we have to have hope because if we are negitive about it then theres no point in even wanting it! Having diabetes isnt that bad you just have to remember god wanted it to happen to you for a reason and atleast it can be managed and handled:) I wanna be an endocrinologist because of diabetes :)

I met a woman who's husband works for finding a cure for us, & they said they are very close. In our life time, there WILL be a cure. Promised.

I don't think there will be a cure in my lifetime.  For 30 years I've been told we are close but it hasn't happened so far.  Granted things are a lot better and easier now than 30 years ago.  If they were to find a cure I don't think it would help me, it would probably be only for newly diagnosed people. 

Dr Faustman's idea is in phase I clinical trials.  Since she is using a drug that is already on the market, phase I should (and did) move quite rapidly.  Phase II and III trials to begin, pending approval...  oh, and if it works for the new intended purpose..... my best guess is 3 years to availablility for this use... because it's already available.

the happily surprising thing (to me)  - once you turn off the autoimmune error that kills beta cells, they apparently grow back, even for us geezers.  if they didn't - tell you what - I would not begrudge a vaccine that doesn't help me anyway... i'd be out there campaigining for it.

I don't see any other T1D cures in clinicals, however, I don't know everything =)  Pre Phase I to product availibility averages 7 years unless you have a team like mine working on it... then it's 3.

otherwise, and only if it's a failure,  I suppose we can look forward to better insulin and better meters, new colors for our pumps, etc. 

Now THAT is something to look forward too.  How 'bout a yellow pump?  Seems right somehow.

I hope yes but I expect a no.

Janie, I have been hearing the "promise" of a "cure" for many years.

I participated in the Joslin Medalist Study in 2009. They are attempting to determine what factors explain why there are type 1 diabetics who have lived 50 years or more, without any serious complications. It will take a few more years for this study to conclude. It is hoped that a treatment will become available that will enable younger type 1's to also live long lives without complications. That will not be a cure, but it is the next best thing.

In the meantime, with our taking good care of ourselves, and having good control, we can give ourselves the best possible chance of having long, healthy lives. I have been type 1 for 65 years, so it is possible!

thanks everyone! there may not be a cure, but let's keep our hopes up anyway. :)

I don't think a true cure (as in, something that makes our pancreas function normally for the rest of our lives) is in the near future...  However, I do think that treatments are getting better and better every day, and we're likely to get to a point where managing diabetes is a breeze.  I'm particularly rooting for that "smart insulin!"  One shot a day that releases only when you need it throughout the day?  Hot damn!  That'd be close enough to a cure for me!  (Not that I wouldn't take a true cure over that!!!)

If everyone can contact their legislators to get T1 Research funding bills passed, the cure is much closer than many realize, T cells control, beta cell growth are the best hope for a cure. Also, the artificial pancreas is starting phase III studies at one and maybe two institutions if the funds can get released by the NIH.

Harass your senator to get the funding bill passed so the T1 research money can get the research going again. 

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