A update from Trish Prather

I e-mailed Trish on facebook today to let her kown that we are all thinking of her and she e-mailed me back and told me this:

All of the kind thoughts are very sweet and very much apppreciated. Please let everyone at Juvenation know that the labor has stopped and baby Devin is doing very well. I am still in the hospital just in case labor starts again. I am on a pill that seems to be keeping the contractions very slow. I am also getting antibiotics through IV for the baby's well being and I had steroid shots to help mature his lungs. There is no explanation for why the labor stopped, I was very close to delivery.

Thanks Jaimie, it is good to hear that all is going well with Trish.

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Jaimie! We appreciate the updates :o)

Oh it's good to hear that they were able to get the labor to stop.