A very interesting website and a very interesting read

This website, BANTING DIGITAL LIBRARY, contains the writings, diaries and papers of Sir Frederick Grant Banting, who along with his assistant, Charles H. Best, discovered insulin in 1920.  If we as diabetics owe our lives to anyone..., it is to these two men.  No question about it.  The website also contains a large collection of photographs as well as a large collection of Banting's sketchbooks and paintings.  "Banting's dream (which he never realized) was to retire at the age of 50 and become a full-time artist."

In a 10-page article, appropriately entitled "The Story of Insulin," Sir Frederick concludes that "with the relief of the symptoms of his (or her) disease and with the increased strength and vigor resulting from the increased diet, the pessimistic, melancholy diabetic becomes optimistic and cheerful."

So come on guys (and gals) get with the plan!!  Optimistic and cheerful!

Check out the website.  It's fascinating (and entertaining).

I took some time and read Banting The Artist,looked at some of his art.The old photos.Then read more-It was nice knowing more about the person that discoverd insulin.I know I'll be going back to read about him.I liked his art,It would be nice having a copy of one of his drawings.Just think of all the lives he has saved.Thanks for posting the link.Now I know a little more besides just a year of discovery.


Thanks SO much for posting this website. Its wonderful! Take care :)!