A walk?

Hey everyone, how are you guys?? So I am really really wanting to organize a walk in my school to raise awareness about diabetes. I will be honoring 4 people, myself, two other students, and a teacher, all who have diabetes. Anyway, I'm really really determined and wanting to do this, so does anyone know any resources I could use? Keep in mind that I am in a very small town in Nebraska, so there aren't a whole lot of options with the bigger companies. HELP PLEASE :D

do you have a walk in your city? or a JDRF chapter in your town? They should have some great resources with you.

I wonder if jdrf might have some options for you or helpful idea at least.  Other than that, check out the local stores and restaurants to see if they will help sponsor this (nice tax write off).  You will need some volunteers, tables, snacks, banners (optional), and some way to handle bathroom stops as well. You can ask the parents for something like a dollar a mile per kid or something like that to help raise some cash to pay for the stuff to hold the event and send something in to something like jdrf for research or whatever.  Anyway, give them a shout and see what stirs.



Yay, a fellow Nebraskan!   :)

If you are determined to put on your own event (vs. participating, say, in the Walk to Cure in Lincoln at the end of September), JDRF has some resources to help you out.  "Team JDRF" is a fundraising program that provides online and offline tools for fundraisers of all shapes and sizes.  From the website:  "JDRF now brings you a handy toolkit to get inspired and get started.  On the Team JDRF site you will find ideas, best practices, printable materials...everything you need to be successful.  You can also utilize our new online system to make your fundraising even more effective, efficient, and fun!" 

Here's a link to get you started, and way to go on wanting to organize something!  Best of luck!