A Wrinkle in the Road

The words sinking in

“Shyanne has diabetes”

something unwelcome

ringing in my ear

a change forever

of our lives, our family

controlling carbs

and facing needles


So many voices

lifting prayers for her

love pouring out

pouring over us

many voices

in distant places even

wrapping her, wrapping us

in God’s eternal love


August 19, 2010

Our family asks you to hold our daughter Shyanne, who is 10 years old, up in prayer as she was diagnosed on Friday, August 13, with Type 1 diabetes. We are all learning a lot about what we have to do and she is being incredible about it all. God is already answering prayer in that she was able to come home from the hospital much quicker than normal and was able to dance with her Vacation Bible School friends in church Sunday, August 15, giving us even more reason to praise God. Please pray for our family and become, along with us, part of Team Shyanne, through your prayers, so that we can help her in this time of transition, working with the medical staff to give her the care she needs. Please also consider joining us in prayer and praise on the Team Shyanne Facebook group page - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=137251259650555 . Thanks ,  Ray.