A1C big Problem

Ugh my A1C is COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL 9.7% its embrassing and its really makes me sad.. Its like i cant get it together with my bs and eating habits. i have 2 boys and 1 on the way. I never have ti,e to really sit and take care of ME. Is there anyone that has any solutions. i go to the doctors and try. i can do it for a couple of weeks then i go back to not taking care of myself.

when u feed ur kids give them something healthy and u eat it too. when u go shopping try to think of something fun or silly to make with ur kids with healthy food   hope i help good luck

You aren't a failure, you just haven't found the right treatment.  Try to just see your blood sugar numbers as just information that helps you dose your insulin, not as a judge.   When my blood sugars were high all the time I dreaded testing bs and avoided it, which made my blood sugars worse.  

Do you use a pump?  For me it was the only way to get decent blood sugars.  With shots it always felt like I was high or low.

As long as you're carb counting and adjusting your insulin, your eating habits shouldn't affect your A1c.  

The cool thing about diabetes is that when you start making changes you see instant results in your blood sugar.  Don't lose hope, just figure out what will work for you.  Having your blood sugars lower will help you have more energy to keep up with your busy family.