A1C, good drop in number

3 months ago my 2 year old was at 11 for his A1C test. Pretty high but he was sick for most of those last 3 months at daycare and we were having trouble getting good numbers.  Yesterday was his latest apointment and his number was 8.7  His doc was real happy and we were proud as well.  For 2 year olds he said that anything under 8.5 is a good range so we're right there.  A nice drop from 11!!



great job! it takes a lot of hard work to drop an a1c that much, especially with a toddler. keep up the good work! what changes did you make to be so successful? you might have some good tips for others on this site!

That's GREAT news!!!  I cannot imagine how hard it is to help a toddler get through the daily routine of being a diabetic.....I have complete admiration for you!

thanks!  The biggest change we made is that we now give him a bit more insulin when he eats pasta. Those pasta nights really threw us off in the first few months.  We use to give him a bit of milk whenever he was under 8.0 at 10 pm because we were afraid he would drop too much during the night.  We just boosted his Levemir (basal) and trusted it would do the job overnight and it did! We got the right mix of Novorapid and Levemir.  So if we take his BG at 10pm and it's 7, he usually wakes up around that number now.  Helps big time!


Thanks. It's really not easy but we got into a routine over here.  He can't tell us how he feels, so we guess.  When in doubt, test!