A1C in toddlers

Wondering what your dr has told is an acceptable A1C for your toddler?  3 mos ago my daughter was 8.4 at dx, now she is 8.7.  The dr said this was a pretty good A1C for her age (she is 3).  He wants it  7.9-8.5 as that correlates to average BS of around 9.5 (give or take the highs and lows).  8.7 correlates to 11.3mmol/L and to me that seems a bit too high of an average, although her normal range allows 6-12mmol/L.  Thoughts?

My daughter is 11 and they say that range is good for her too. They worry that is the child has too many lows that it interferes with proper brain development.

The range is right on track for a toddler.  When she gets older and isn't so insulin sensitive the range will be lowered (most adults aim for under 7.0).  

My son was diagnosed at age 8.  The A1C the doctor is aiming for is 8.0 but is satisfied even with an 8.5 for the reasons Terry posted re: brain development.  Believe it or not, too many lows (so I heard) can actually kill off brain cells.  As well, since kids are more active and sometimes have impromptu activities, the doctor does not want to have sugars too low.  When they are adults, the A1C target will change (I am at Type1 and my A1C is suppose to be under 7.0 so it is different for adults and kids.

Good luck.

Ok, thanks all.  Just wanted to double check.