A1C question

ok    last week my son went to the endo.  His A1C was 10.6  His sugars should be over 250 with a reading that high.   His meters (he uses 2, one at home one at the babysitters)both say his numbers have been under 120.   His dr accoused us of not writing his numbers down correctly. 

question:   it took four times for the nurse to weigh him, could the A1C test have been done wrong?  I hate to question the nurse and dr. but I don't think both meters would be wrong.

What do you think?

I would request that it be repeated.  They could have mixed his up with someone else's and given you the wrong results.  That happened to someone I know.  It took her insisting that it be repeated and looked into before the mistake was found and admitted by the office.

I would definitely ask that the test be repeated.  I assume they did the finger prick in the office, rather than the lab draw?  I think it's very possible the office made a mistake.