A1C Results

So, last week my husband and I went to the Endo to get our A1C results.  My A1C is 5.9!!!  I couldn't believe it.  Last time it was 6.3 and I was super happy so 5.9 is just awesome.  My husband's was 6.5, which he said is the best A1C he has had in his 18 years of having diabetes.  I was more happy about his A1C then about my own.  My husband has helped me so much this past year since being diagnosed.  After the doctor he was talking to me about how I actually helped him get his A1C down that far.  I didn't totally understand because I felt that he had done it on his own and felt that he had done such a great job.  He said that I made him realize that your blood sugar is just a number that gives you information.  Whether it's high, normal or low it is there to inform you.  If its high or low then you need to figure out what happened and make adjustements for next time so that it doesn't happen again.  He said that when he was a child and teenager that his family would always look down on him and get upset with him when his blood sugar wasn't in the normal range.  It would always be a "what did you do/not do that caused this?"  This led my husband to get into a habit of not checking his sugar or checking it and then lying about what it actually was.  Since I was diagnosed he has started checking much more frequently and he now goes to the doctor since we go together.  I guess the whole point of this is if you are a parent or family member of someone who has diabetes please please don't look down on them or get upset with them when their blood sugar isn't in range.  The only thing this does is cause them to feel horrible and usually makes them get to the point that my husband was at where they don't want to check or they lie about the numbers.  Please just remember that if they have a high or low number that you can usually figure out why and use that information to make corrections for next time so that the same problem doesn't reoccur.  I'm just happy that my husband has done so well and that I actually helped him out a little after the huge support he has been to me.

the ultimate story of team work!  congratulations on the great results :)

awesome job to both of you! :o)

Wonderful news, and a wonderful story to go with it.  Congrats to you both.  :)

Good job!

wow, great news! there was one time when my a1c was 5.7......

What a wonderful, inspirational story!  Congrats to both of you!