A1c & Vitamin D!

I got results today. A1c= 5.6, Vitamin D is 34. that's from 6.2 (with WAY too many lows) and 17. Both much better. And two weeks til I start on my beautiful green animas pump. I am so ready.


Unfortunately, I meant to get samples, but i forgot, and i don't have enough insulin to last me until the 28th. oops. guess i'll drive back tomorrow...

Congratulations to you.

am happy for you ajax,good for you !!

I have never heard of a Vitamin D count? Is that something I should ask my endo about?

It can't hurt to ask. Vitamin D is really closely linked with immune system health, and the majority of the population is deficient, with t1 folks at an even higher risk for being deficient. I don't understand exactly what D is good for, but your endo could probably tell you.

I also had a Vitamin D deficiency last time I got my lab work done. My level was at 12 and I had to take 50,000mg pills for 10 weeks. I'm set to get my lab work again, so I guess we'll see what it's at now.

vit d is pretty much good for everything :o) especially calcium absorption. and, like someone else mentioned, immune function.