2nd quarter a1c after diagnosis is still good at 6.1. Diagnosis level was 13.5, 1st quarter was 6.2 and today it was 6.1. My doc had suggested last time to relax control a bit to solve some problems with exercise induced hypo. I am glad to see the hypo events are greatly reduced and a1c is still ok. Relieved!

@sneathbupp, wow that’s really good as long as you aren’t getting too many lows. hope you’re doing ok as well.

Great to hear that you A1c is as good as it is. Do you check yourself before you exercise? The doctor should have given a plan which indicates the levels you are safe to participate at and what to do prior to exercising to keep your level up. Don’t overdo it. You are still learning your body. It will definitely get better. Good luck with everything!!!

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Down to a 5.7 a1c now. Kayaking, hiking, camping etc with no problems.