I just got my a1c back and it was 6.8.  My last a1c before that was 8.4.  I rearly have a blood sugar reading above 125 and I check ALOT!!! I was wondering if any of u know if the a1c is really only the past 3 months, or does the past 4 months matter as well?? 


                                                                                                                                                                               Thank you!!

A1c shows glucose levels of your red blood cells, which live about 2-3 months.  Guess it's possible that you may have super red blood cells that live longer than average.  More likely you're having middle of the night highs or post meal blood sugar spikes.    Do you use a continuous glucose monitor?  If not, ask your doctor about trying one temporarily.  It can show where you're having undocumented highs.  

Congrats on the 6.8.  That's great.