i went to the doctor last week and my A1C was 6.4. I was so excited. I feel like all my hard work keeps paying off. The doctor was taking me around to the other doctors telling them how good i was doing. Just thought i would share my good news!

That's so awesome! Great job!!!

many congratulations :o)

That is a very good A1c. I had Aic's in the low 6's like that for several years and my diabetes behaved rather well. Diabetes complications are much less likely to occur if you can keep your A1c at 6.5, or less. Maybe in the months ahead you can reduce your A1c gradually to the lower 6's. Keep up your good work!


That's awesome!!!  A great reward for your hard work.  :)

Good job!

Congrats!! It sure is hard to get it to that level, and I would be so proud if I were you! I've still got aways to go, but working on it! :)

Congrats again! :))

I wish mine was that good!!! WOW!

you rockk!!

Good work! What a great feeling when we see that all of our hard work is really paying off.

Hey that is awesome!!  Nice work!!!