A1C's...how often

Hi Ladies,

How often was your doctors testing your A1C's?  I had mine done in May when I was 6 weeks pregnant and I asked to have them done at 13-14 weeks pregnant to see if they were coming down from 7.2 and they told me that they can do them every 3 months...is that normal?



yep an A1C is a three month snap shot of your blood sugars, so they are drawn every three months (should be even if you aren't pregnant). A fructosamine screen is something that can be done monthly to check how your blood sugars are over a month long period of time and my endo has been doing that one monthly and you can tell how you're doing that way too!

really?  so what does it measure?  does it give you an average of what your blood sugars have been for the month?

yeah that is what the fructosamine scan does, an average for the month. The A1C is the average over 3 months.

They have been testing my A1C once monthly since they found out I was pregnant. At this point I wish they would only do it every 3 months. It costs $40 everytime I go to the endo and then about $90 every time I get an A1C test.

Wow...what a great scan...RAchel. I would love to have mine done monthly...just to see if I am coming down...makes me nervous