AAAAAH! DINOS WILL KILL ME!. please click!

Ok.. well I have a few questions. please answer what you can

1) xoxo - ok so I used to think o's were kisses and x's were hugs, but now some people are saying otherwise, can you please tell me the answer

2) I made a blog on juvenation by mistake, can someone tell me how to delete blongs? step by step directions would be appreciated.

3) Im looking for someone who's either crazy about Miley Cyrus, or wishes her dead. Cuz Im looking for an awesome convo with someone on my "Miley Cyrus" blog, or someone who I can have an awesome debate with, I Luv Miles :)

Answer what you can, thanks

i only know the answer to your first question:  x's are kisses and o's are hugs think arms make a circle at least that's how i remember it.  good luck on ur other two questions

i hate miley cyrus!

now, i'm a musician and i can tolerate alot of different music, but definitely not miley cirus. Seriously, She can't carry a tune in a bucket, and the only definite reason she is where she is is because of her dad's song back in the early 90's "Achey Breaky Heart". I have this debate with my girlfriend ALL THE TIME haha Miley is just annoying in my opinion. but I could be wrong lol hopefully that didnt upset someone lol

Ummmm...I hate Miley Cirus! She just plain annyoing...uggg...Also O are kissed cause they're shaped like lips and X are hugs cause they're like arms that go *Huggle* ahahahaaaaa.....yeah...nevermind....

i think miley cyrus is okay i like some of her songs but sometimes her songs seem wierd to me. but all in all i guess she is okay.

MILEY CYRUS = EWWWWW!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! she's only famous cuzz of her dad, who only had 1 good song his whole career, and because she's on disney channel and stuff like that!!!! did anyone see her Party in the USA music video!!!!! OMG!!!!! it is sooooo not appropriate for LITTLE KIDS 2 watchh on disney channel!!!! does anyone agree withh me????????? haha =P

1) x's are like lips in a kiss and o's are arms in a circle around someone

2) No clue, sorry