Abbi's numbers

As you know Abbi was just diagnosed last Thursday I'm just going to throw this weeks numbers out to you all tell me what you think. I don't know much as of now and i'm on information overload. The doc adjusted her lantus to 10 units at night after I gave her the numbers over the phone.She was at 9. ok here goes

Monday morning 269, lunch 271, dinner 187, bedtime 140, 2am 194. Same order Tuesday 213,291,224,219,213,Wed206,232,315,287,297Thursday190,242,140,156 They said not to do 2 am last night. Friday 189 and 289 so far. I was told it takes time because they are insulin resistant at first. Do these numbers look right for someone during the first week of treatment.

my numbers were mostly in the 200s until a few weeks later. just give it some time and everything should settle down in a couple of weeks :)

I was diagnosed over 20 years ago, but I'm really surprised at how low those numbers were.  Good job!

calm down dont worry about this she is doing fine for her first week. right now she is in a stage called honeymooning her body will take a little bit to get used to insulin and she is all new to this she ll b fine

We didn't have home meters when I was diagnosed, so no idea what my sugars were, but I have to say I'm impressed by how *even* the numbers are even if she's still on the high side. That will make it much easier for her doctor to adjust her insulin.

Hang in there! It sounds like you're doing so well considering all you have going on!


You know, you sound a lot like I did at the beginning. :-)  When they told be my son's range was 80-160, I thought, "I can do that!"  Only to find out it was a lot more difficult than I had expected.  I also learned, not only did it take time to get him regulated because of "honeymooning",  "insulin resistant", but that diabetes is not a black/white treatment---------This is a "gray-area disease".  When you do get it one day, it may change the next because of Abbi's emotions, moods, health..............Jarett was so excited to begin t-ball the one year he soared into the 400' type A personality went crazy!!!!!  I think her numbers look great and you are doing a fine job.  The doc will continue to adjust her insulin slowly and monitor one change at a time. It seems like a slow process, but it does work.

Don't forget to take care of yourself too!


looks too high to me personally. insulin resistant definately happens but there should have been better numbers by now. i went from 10 to 30 units of lantus and that made all the difference the next day. i was at the point where i didnt need a shot at lunch. but i guess everyone is different.

It's particularly impressive how Abbi's morning (fasting) blood sugar has improved every day from 269 (M), to 213 (T), to 206 (W) to 190 (Th) and 189 (Today).  The overnight is perhaps the first and simplest time period to get a handle on the basal dosage because there is no food or exercise involved.  I wouldn't be surprised if she gets bumped up one or two more units to 11 or 12.  You are lucky to have an endocrinologist who adjusts cautiouslly and methodically.  It's all going to work out fine.

It really depends on what her blood sugar was the first few times it was checked. Based on how high it is when you're diagnosed it takes longer to get the right dosage of insulin.

I remember when I was diagnosed my numbers were only at 280. So it was easier to get it lower because they didn't have to do so much trial and error and it wasn't like they were trying to get it down from 600 or anything.

I think you guys are doing fine! It takes some trial and error though and every food is going to be that way too. But all of us here are each other's support. We're all here for you!

When our grandson was diagnosed 3 weeks ago, his numbers were even more erratic.  My son called into the hospital to talk with the clinic every night and sometimes during the day to get adjustments.  The Lantus was at 3 everynight regardless of the numbers, but the short acting insulin given during the day was constantly being adjusted.  He is now in his honymoon period, so the numbers are much lower.  From what we have heard, this is all pretty common at the beginning.  he is 5 years old.  How old is Abby and how are you all doing

Abbi is 8. She is doing well I guess. She is a little disgusted that she can't just eat whatever whenever. Last night she cried when injecting the lantus. She said it burns. I looked it up and I read it happens sometimes. I'm sad and her dad is sad. We are so used to this bubbly bouncy little blonde girl. The shots and bs she does herself with supervision but she isn't her normal self. She's been napping and just kinda laying around which for Abbi is rare.She hasn't napped since she was 9 months old. I apologize if I sound freaked out but this kid has never had so much as an ear infection. So i'm not used to this yet and I suppose i'm feeling guilty like we failed her somehow. Stupid I know but I just can't help it right now.

I bet she's very tired from high blood sugars! Over the next weeks, as her sugars even out, I bet she'll feel less tired. I'll be honest that I still get sleepy when I have a crazy blood sugar today, but those don't happen every day!

When I get a burning sensation from injecting insulin, I rub the area with my palm after which helps.

I'm sure you do feel guilty even though obviously you didn't cause this. I felt slightly guilty when my son woke up w/ a cold this morning (I should have given him tylenol before bed! Why didn't I notice his nose was running?). lol. You just love her so much and want to protect her!

We're thinking of you all!

I am so sorry you feel that way.  You are not responsible for he diabetes and could not have prevented it.  My grandson was diagnosed 3 1/2 weeks  ago and as a 5 year old he is really doing well.  It is great that she is participating in her care--a real positive.  We all freaked out and had such high anxiety upon diagnosis, but it does get easier.  His parents and step-dad attend regular classes sponsored by the children's hospital in the town where they live.  They also have the ability to call the hospital diabetes clinic 24-7 and talk with the doctor.  This has halped relieve their anxiety minute by minute.  Good luck and hang in there.  I am sure you are doing a great job.

i was diagnosed about three months ago... my numbers were about the same because i was so high... she's going into honeymoon too.