ABBOTT LABS has lower priced CGM

As reported in Wall Street Journal June 29, 2015, Abbott has Freestyle Libre on the market in seven European countries, which is less intrusive and more convenient than other CGMs. Good news: it is designed with cost conscious customers in mind - read: Medicare and other self-pay patients. About one half cost of Dexcom (Dexcom for me is $3900+ per year, vs $1800 for Abbott Freestyle Libre). Prayers answered!

I am also interested in the Libre. The Dexcom with G4 sensor is too expensive, and my insurance will not cover it. There is a Libre group on Facebook with many members. You can ask all the questions you want there.

I wrote Abbott Labs about Libre – they were not forthcoming about availability dates for US, sadly. Why does FDA always do this? It is understandable why some think the government is working against us rather than for us.

I have read that the FDA has all new drugs and devices tested very thoroughly before they are approved. In Europe a product is released without thorough testing. The success or failure of the product is observed and a final decision is made. This is what a very knowledgeable friend told me. If it is true, I prefer the FDA approach. I can wait, and feel safe while using a new medicine or product.

I’m in Canada, the Freestyle has not made its way here yet, unfortunately. Just a quick note, the Abbott Freestyle is NOT a CGM unit as far as I understand it. It’s more like an instant, swipeable bg meter. It does not trend or have alarms like the Dexcom does. However, it is far more cost effective vs a dexcom, and we’re hoping it will be covered as a bg kit here.


From what I’ve read, you put a patch on your arm. Then when you put the receiver next to the patch, it displays your bs at the moment. As someone said, it’s not as fully functional as real CGMs. No alarms. I’ve lived without alarms for almost 40 years so I’m not too concerned about that. I want one where I don’t have to test. At least in Europe, they are way cheaper.

I looked into CGMs earlier this year but the price was outrageous even with insurance. Current CGMs also require frequent bs testing. Supposedly with the Libre you don’t have to test, just go with it.

My doctor said he suspects they may hit the market in the spring for the consumer model.

I’ve got my ear to the ground on this one …