Accidental overdose

Don’t worry, we’re home from the hospital, but I sure did feel awful that instead of 14U, I gave my daughter the morning dose of 24U of intermediate at supper when she was at 105! We caught it right away, and with food, she never went below 83.

Please tell me, am I the only new Mom to screw up like this? Monday (Oct 6) will be the 2 week mark of starting insulin.

Hi rosiknitzar, I have had type 1 diabetes for 19 years. I have screwed up and gave myself way to much insulin or not enough. Like last week my blood sugar dropped to 2.5 and then it rebounded to high (the meter didn’t read a number) the next morning very scary. But it happens don’t dwell on it. I know have calculated wrong or eaten to much when sugars have went to low. Just learn from it. It doesn’t make you a bad mom. I know being new to dealing with diabetes is overwhelming.


Thanks I’m starting to get past this. It helps that she isn’t holding a grudge!

I too have accidentally over dosed and under dosed. Sounds like you did the right thing though. That’s the important part.

My second day I dosed 10u with no food or anything, bad information from my pcp, to treat a high, had to go to hospital. It happens. I just turned around read every book I could and have been vigilant about double checking. It’ll get easier