Accu check spirit

Has anyone ever heard of the accuchek spirit pump? Just wondering if it is a good one or very new, I have the medtronics cgm, but a friends husband is checking out the pumps and he was told of the accu chek and I haven't heard of this one. If anyone has any thoughts please advise??



sorry, lavonda, i haven't heard of the accuchek spirit either.  their website is:

there has also been a relatively recent recall

but it's an isolated news event not reflective completely of their overall products

here is a  pump comparisson for you also:

The spirit has more cons than pros.... i reccomend lyk an animas or medtronic. I have a nipro amigo, tho, and it's awesuM!!!!!

thanks to all so much for the advice I will pass this info on.



Ciao Lavonda , i am Biagio from Italy, Milan.

Yes accucheck spirit pump is very popular here in Italy

But it's an old model which is not wireless and not tubeless and  is being replacing by COMBO

which is wireless but NOT TUBELESS

But i think Omnipod is better because it's completely WIRELESS and TUBELESS even if unfortunately we will not have it in all Europe

My Best Regards

Hope what above is useful

Sorry for my bad English

Biagio The Gladiator

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