Accu-Chek Aviva Nano. ASAP QUESTION

My Nano keeps popping up with "H1" everytime I test. I've read the manual and it has nothing of an "H1". Does any one have any idea what this means, all I can think of is that my glucose is through the roof but I need some clarification.

all meters have a level where once you cross it, they just give you a "hi". i think my one touch gives me a "hi" if i'm over 30.

it should say in the manual what level it will max out at for giving you an actually number.

when you say everytime you you mean you're been testing a few times over the last few minutes trying to get a number or for an extended period of time?

if it's giving you a high, i would correct for a bg level of 30 personally(all the meters i've had maxed at a bg of 30) or call the diabetic clinic in your town as they may have that information or better advice based on your control methods

What you're seeing is "HI" - which is telling you that your blood glucose level is so high that it can't give you a specific number.  I think the Nano goes up to 600 or so.  Do you think it's possible that you're running that high?  Do you have another meter you can use to confirm that you're really running that high before you inject any insulin?

thank god for the internet:


Measuring Range: 0.6 to 33.3 mmol/L (on the Specs page)

Hi Brandon,

Also just got the Accu-Chek Nano today and I my first test was also a Hi. Was shortly after I had a meal,beer and 2 Bounty choclate bars. Not sure if that makes a difference.

I got pretty thirsty over the last few months and lost some weight while eating the same amount of food. Checked the internet and ppl said its a symptom of Diabetes. I am not really the candidate for it (never really overweight nor do I have any family with diabites) but who knows.

Maybe I am doing something wrong with the Accu-Chek considering 33 sounds crazy high if that's the limit before 'HI". Unfortunately mine didn't come with the testing solution so I cant check the accuracy of the device.

Will check again after 8 Hours of fasting tomorrow morning and we'll see then. Def, makes my a little nervous.

Good luck

P.S. I am feeling pretty well in general. No headache, increased hunger or any of that stuff. Just thirsty = go more often to bathroom.









yeah, i have an accu check aiva nano and it means you're over 600. if you don't feel like you're that high, then you should check that the meters working with that red liquid that it comes with.

Why do you have a glucose monitor if you are not diabetic?

Type 1 diabetes has nothing at all with being over weight. That is a different disease. Type 2. They are not the same. 

Losing weight, thirst and going to the bathroom more are classic diabetes symptoms. 

Get to the doctor before you are in serious condition and end up in intensive care for a week.


Turns out nano's clockout at around 34.8, I was nervous but it appears I've got it licked again.