ACT/SAT Testing

Help.... We have recently been informed that our seventh grader has been invited to take the ACT and SAT this Fall. We are very excited about this possibility and have begun the tedious paper work for some testing accommodations. At present, I am inclined to request "Stop Test" only. He has had a 504 in place for years to address BG monitoring during standardized testing. I would love some input from those of you who have been down this road before.

Many Thanks-


I'm almost 40, so it's been a while since I took these tests.  It was before 504 plans.

In my case I got to the tests a little early and notified the proctor I had diabetes and asked to keep my glucose monitor and a bottle of glucose tablets on my desk during the test.  The proctors inspected the items and I only tested if I started feeling off.

Since brains run on glucose, intense academic work can drop blood sugar.  For that reason I usually tried to go into the tests a little high (blood sugar around 160)  and would test blood sugar and have snacks on breaks.  

I did great on both tests and was able to get scholarships.  I'm sure your son will do well and be just fine.  

I don't see the point of a 12 year old taking these tests unless your child is somehow going to graduate next year at the age of 13 or 14. PSAT maybe but that is still young. My oldest took the PSAT in 8th grade for practice. He took it again in 10th grade and now he is getting swamped with college junk mail. He will take the SAT and ACT twice now in his junior year.

I think I can help!! I took the LSAT about a year ago.  I called the testing company and explained I had Type I.  They recommended taking my diabetic supplies (insulin pen, machine, strips and shooter (my terminology :)  and putting it in a plastic sandwich bag. Also, they don't allow food so I had to get a dr.'s note proving my diabetes and brought that with 2 protein bars (my favorite are PowerBars) in a separate baggie.  The people in charge of the test didn't care in the least but I had everything I needed.  Your best bet is just to call and confirm what the rules are.  Good luck and I think that's amazing that your 7th grader has such an incredible opportunity!! Good Luck!!

This reply may be too late to be of value to you.  Sorry I didn't see it sooner.  Our son was also invited to take the ACT as a 7th grader.  We felt it was important for him to do so, as it provided extra opportunities for scholarships as he grew older and also made him visible to more colleges.  Regardless, he took the test and had no problems.  We had only one extra form to fill out if I remember correctly, which asked if he required special accomodations.  We asked that he be allowed to have his BG kit on the desk with him, and that it would include something he could eat if necessary.  He is now 21 and has taken many ACT tests.  He never experienced issues with the proctor or with the ACT organization in general.  As an aside, he scored high enough on the test he took in 7th grade to be recognized at a state ceremony; unfortunately, the morning of the ceremony he had a severe hypoglycemic attack that required us to call 911 and he was unable to attend.