ACT Test

Hi! I am taking the ACT this upcoming December! Any ideas about how to keep blood sugar in range?? Thanks in advance!! (:

I try to go into tests with a blood sugar of about 160.  Brains work on glucose so when you're testing your blood sugar can drop rapidly.  

When I took the SAT and ACT back in the day, I notified the test proctor in advance that I had diabetes and showed them my glucose meter and glucose tablets.  Then I kept them on my desk in case I started feeling weird.  Think I only had to test once during the test.  I also checked blood sugar on breaks.  

You'll be totally fine.  Good luck on the test.  

P.S.  I went to a concert the night before the SAT.  So dumb because I was exhausted during the test.  I still did okay, but be smarter than me and go to bed early the night before.  


I have no idea whether you have any standardize testing left but, I thought I just share this...

About two years ago I was able to work with someone in my high school and the college board to get special testing accommodations for my diabetes. My accommodations say that I'm aloud to have all my equipment  and necessary food/water in the room with me and it provides that if I need to take a break for diabetic reasons I can do so without loosing any time on my test. I've used them now for the SAT, SAT 2's and AP testing. I've found that I haven't necessarily needed the accommodations yet but it really is a comfort to know that I have them there for the just in case scenarios, plus it I no longer have to go up to each and every proctor of my exams to explain that I have diabetes and what all my equipment it is!

You can get these provisions for both any SAT or ACT testing though because the two test are out of different organizations you have to get the provisions approved by both SAT and or the ACT

Here's a link for applying for accomodations on the SAT and all other college board tests:

Hope this helps! Any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to help! :)