Active but not an athlete!

Hi everyone -
Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been a member of TypeOneNation for a while, but new to this group. I am trying to find sources of information and support for T1’s regarding physical activity. I’m not an athlete in that I’m not involved in competitive sports or bodybuilding, but I am quite active with hiking, belly dancing, community theatre, parasailing and other pursuits that involve physical exertion, and I sometimes struggle with my BG’s as a result. I was recently reminded of a book that discussed managing insulin with physical activity, but I’ve misplaced it. Even if I find the book, I should probably order an updated version. Any recommendations?

Hi @angivan,
I browsed through Sheri Colberg “Diabetic Athletes Handbook” and though it was pretty good. my opinion is that using and mastering temporary basal rates make all the difference in the world.

for me, regular exercise is a learning curve - sometimes it can completely change my basal rate and sensitivity requirements, meaning pretty significant changes to pump settings. “Pumping Insulin” is the best all around pump handbook and can help when changes need to be made.

good luck!

Amen to suspending basal rates! I suspend for 30 minutes prior, throughout, and up to an hour after working out. I tend to run low, though.